Monday, September 30, 2013

Crochet Jewelry

African Forest by AleksandraMicic
African Forest, a photo by AleksandraMicic on Flickr.

A new passion called CROCHET is born in my heart and it is a beautiful match for my polymer and ceramic work.... and not just that but as a technique on its own. It can be very relaxing.
This necklace happened by accident. I bought the threads because the colors appealed to me and when I came home I remembered this polymer pendant which I made some years ago... Now its time to see other forgotten pieces laying in boxes and drawers and find some matching threads :)

Oh, one more thing! My mom got hooked on crocheting jewelry so I'll be showing you some of her work soon.


  1. Yes, I think crocheting is a wonderful match for your clay work!!
    This is a BEAUTIFUL piece!!