Monday, September 30, 2013

Crochet Jewelry

African Forest by AleksandraMicic
African Forest, a photo by AleksandraMicic on Flickr.

A new passion called CROCHET is born in my heart and it is a beautiful match for my polymer and ceramic work.... and not just that but as a technique on its own. It can be very relaxing.
This necklace happened by accident. I bought the threads because the colors appealed to me and when I came home I remembered this polymer pendant which I made some years ago... Now its time to see other forgotten pieces laying in boxes and drawers and find some matching threads :)

Oh, one more thing! My mom got hooked on crocheting jewelry so I'll be showing you some of her work soon.

Friday, September 27, 2013

September Art Bead Scene Challenge

I've been inactive for some time now for many reasons, but I've gathered some strength and remembered Art Bead Scene challenges and how I wanted to participate. There was a need to be inspired and reactivate my creativity so I went to their blog and was pleasantly surprised to find one of my favorite artists, Mucha, as inspiration. I had previously planned to use his work as inspiration for a collection of pendants and beads and this particular challenge has triggered all of my senses and motivation to go forward and start where I left off in my artistic life few years ago.
I was inspired to create a polymer centerpiece with a woman's face profile and a hand holding grapes but since I love dimension I decided to create such effect with fingers on her hand and hanging chain with beads as grapes. My daughter got inspired at an instant and demanded one piece for herself only not with hanging grapes but with flowers, so I guess I already got my next project :)
Autumn Delights centerpiece (SEP ABS Challenge)
Autumn Delights centerpiece (SEP ABS challenge)

I do hope to be more frequently circulating now on this blog. Thanks for your visit and encouragement.
Art Bead Scene Blog with monthly challenges is my new destination.

Love to you all and stay creative.